My first test was to send 50,000 sats from the different wallets to my Phoenix wallet on my iPhone. So, the Phoenix wallet on the iPhone was on the receiving end. Unfortunately, I could not send from Blixt because, as I said before, it did not sync at all. Zeus was also unusable since it wouldn’t even start up. When I attempted a payment with Zeus, it failed after a five minute wait. The Green wallet’s payment attempt was unsuccessful too, displaying an error message after I waited for two and a half minutes. With the Mutiny wallet, I almost wanted to stop but after 50 seconds, I was able to send the payment successfully. The Phoenix wallet was the quickest, completing the transfer in just three seconds. And interestingly, the custodial Wallet of Satoshi was slower than Phoenix, taking nine seconds for the payment to go through. I didn’t anticipate this result, but I found it amusing.


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