Are you aware of Amazon’s Earnings Conference call scheduled for 26th October 2017?

Well, in case you’re not, then I think you should be, because this event would have very serious consequences that would turn around the fortunes of a lot of people over-night.

I am very certain that Amazon would soon start accepting cryptocurrencies, and they would be making the announcement during this event. Now this is a very important investment opportunity that you’ll seriously regret if you miss.

Once Amazon starts accepting cryptocurrencies on their website, many other merchants and companies would follow suit, and I’m sure you know what this means, a lot of cryptos would skyrocket in value over-night due to high demand.

Why would this happen? The fact is that up till now, very few people really know what cryptocurrencies are or understand their use. Just try asking your cousins, aunts, uncles or neighbors and you’d discover this truth. Amazon’s accepting cryptocurrencies would be a serious step in attracting the public’s attention towards cryptocurrencies. Once this happens, demand for cryptos would go up seriously.

This boom would definitely cut across a lot of cryptocurrencies, however for the sake of playing it safe, I’d recommend you purchase and hold the following cryptos in preparation for this big crypto boom: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple and Litecoin. These are widely accepted and traded cryptocurrencies and I’m pretty sure Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin would be accepted on Amazon.

Trust me, between 26th October and December 2017, your investments would yield you tremendous profits!!!

It might be too late for anyone trying to get in on the action after Amazon has made the announcement. I’m sure those already holding cryptos by then would profit more.

If you follow my advice, you’d thank me soon.

In case you’re new to cryptocurrencies and not sure how to get around buying these coins, don’t worry, I have a step-by-step guide to help you here

It’s entirely up to you to decide how you wish to diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio. However, here’s my recommendation below:

  • Bitcoin 40%
  • Ethereum 20%
  • Ripple 15%
  • Litecoin 15%
  • Ethereum Classic 10%

You might be wondering my reason for making Bitcoin 40%. Well, there’s another big investment opportunity around the corner that requires you holding some bitcoin in order for you to cash in. Find Out here.

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