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Funding Approved for Audit of Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Proposal

Ethereum developers announced today that funding has been approved to audit the hotly-contested code change known as Progressive Proof-of-Work or ProgPoW. Since February, developers have been gathering the funds necessary to backRead More…

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Bitmain’s Jihan Wu: ASICs Are Making Ethereum More Decentralized

Jihan Wu, co-founder and former co-CEO of crypto mining giant Bitmain, is arguing that ASIC miners make blockchain networks more decentralized – a position that counters the prevailing opinion of developers whoRead More…

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Ethereum’s ProgPoW Mining Change to Be Considered for Istanbul Upgrade

The code designed to enact ethereum’s next system-wide upgrade, Istanbul, may feature the inclusion of a controversial mining algorithm said to allow for broader participation in its network. Discussed Tuesday during aRead More…

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