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Ethereum Has Gatekeepers (for Good Reason)

Indeed, the core idea behind ERC-404s is to make it easier to fractionalize, split ownership and improve liquidity when trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There might genuinely be something to the idea. ERC-404Read More…

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Which Is the Best Self-Custody Lightning Wallet?

My first test was to send 50,000 sats from the different wallets to my Phoenix wallet on my iPhone. So, the Phoenix wallet on the iPhone was on the receiving end. Unfortunately,Read More…

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In Search of Financial Freedom: The Answer Lies With Bitcoin, Not Stablecoins

Bitcoin, however, offers a truly decentralized option, getting us closer to freedom as non-domination. Bitcoin’s decentralized nature prevents the type of domination that comes with the centralized structures of stablecoins or traditionalRead More…

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Crypto for Advisors: AI, a Strategic Tool for Financial Firms

In the realm of financial advisory, AI has the potential to become an indispensable tool for financial advisors, a group whose work heavily relies on intellectual capabilities and knowledge-based decision-making. Generative AI,Read More…

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