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Can blockchain solutions disrupt US inflation forecasting?

So much of the world’s economic steam depends on interest rates, which in turn are tied to inflation, i.e., the rate at which producer and consumer prices are rising.  But measuring inflationRead More…

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Bitcoin, Ethereum and altcoins hold intraday gains after Fed hikes interest rates by 0.75%

Bitcoin (BTC) retreated and reversed its intraday gains after the Federal Reserve announced its third consecutive 75 basis point (bps) interest rate rise on Sept. 21. Traders sold the news BTC’s priceRead More…

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Crypto markets bounced and sentiment improved, but retail has yet to FOMO

An ascending triangle formation has driven the total crypto market capitalization toward the $1.2 trillion level. The issue with this seven-week-long setup is the diminishing volatility, which could last until late August.Read More…

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