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Near Project’s Octopus Network lays off 40% of its staff amid crypto winter

Octopus Network, a decentralized app chain network natively built on NEAR Protocol, has announced that it will be “refactoring” to adapt to current market conditions.  As part of its refactoring process, OctopusRead More…

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US lawmakers introduce bill aimed at reporting on crypto miners’ potential environmental impact

Three United States lawmakers have introduced legislation that would direct the Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, to report on the energy usage and environmental impact of crypto miners. In a Dec. 8Read More…

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Bitcoin capitulations abound — Data shows realized and unrealized losses at record-highs

Being three weeks removed from the FTX collapse, Bitcoin (BTC) analysts are combing through data to decipher whether more selling will continue or if a bear market floor has been reached.  OneRead More…

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What are crypto whale trackers and how do they work?

There are dedicated solutions to track the actions of crypto whales. These solutions can provide analytics on whale actions and, in some instances, can also make investment/trading decisions for the user. CryptoRead More…

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Cosmos co-founder says a major security vulnerability has been uncovered on IBC

On Thursday, Ethan Buchman, co-founder of interblockchain communication (IBC) ecosystem Cosmos, said that a ‘critical security vulnerability’ had been discovered that ‘impacts all IBC-enabled Cosmos chains, for all versions of IBC.’ BuchmanRead More…

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US Treasury clarifies publishing Tornado Cash’s code does not violate sanctions

The United States Department of the Treasury said “interacting” with cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash’s open-source code, with certain provisions, would not be in violation of sanctions imposed by the Office of ForeignRead More…

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