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William Shatner’s Crypto Startup Helps You Digitize Precious Items

William Shatner has been dealing in virtual currency since 1966 when he began starring as Captain Kirk on Star Trek. Now he’s heading his own start-up, Third Millenia, which will help peopleRead More…

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Chainalysis: 64% of Ransomware Attackers Launder Proceeds via Crypto Exchanges

United States-based blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis claims that 64% of ransomware attack cash-out strategies involve the laundering of funds via cryptocurrency exchanges. The data was revealed in a Chainalysis webinar attended byRead More…

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Ripple Escrow Reporting: Creative Accounting or Much Ado About Nothing?

On May 16, 2019, Coin Metrics released a report detailing discrepancies in Ripple’s escrow reporting system. The Blockchain analysis firm described these discrepancies as contradictions that required some explanation. As per usual,Read More…

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Bitcoin, Not Blockchain: People Feverishly Search for World’s First Crypto

Around the world, the majority of searches related to cryptocurrency involve the word “Bitcoin,” a new report by ConsenSys concludes. Excepting a few Asian countries, most of the world wants to findRead More…

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