A group of people who claim to be concerned with the health and wellbeing of Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, have taken it upon themselves to start an ICO to raise funds to help Vitalik get in shape.

According to the website, Vitalik is completely unaware of this project but the organizers intend the ICO as a surprise from the cryptocurrency community and hope the beneficiary (Vitalik Buterin) would appreciate their humor and good intentions.

See screenshot from the website below:

According to the group behind this project, they even intend to enlist the FitVitalik tokens on multiple exchanges once the ICO is over.
How Hillarious!!!

Well, although the so-called concerned cryptocurrency community have a point that Vitalik Buterin needs to take more thought to his health and fitness, we think the whole FitVitalik ICO thing is just one big, sick joke to spite the Ethereum Genius, and nothing anyone should take seriously.

Image source: fitvitalic.io

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