Thinking to invest in NEO? Here are our Prediction and forecast for 2019, 2020 and for coming next 5 years.

NEO Price Today

Currently, NEO is trading for $8.36 and ranks on the 17th position on Coinmarketcap. With a market cap of  $542million, the prices are fluctuating between 8- 10$ from last week.

neo today prediction

Fundamental analysis

Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan developed NEO, which is China’s first open source blockchain platform. Eventually designed to serve as a smart economy by providing digital assets through smart contracts. NEO is also a good solution to peer-to-peer transactions in China over the past few years.

Decentralization roadmap of NEO by enabling the organizations to run consensus node in their network via a selection process. This also acts as block validators on their network.

NEO  is a strong challenger for a top spot in cryptocurrency. It is a solid concept that was introduced to the Asian/China market at the right time, when other cryptocurrencies were being banned by the Chinese government.

It does the exact opposite of many other cryptocurrencies in its search to assure strict and seamless regulatory compliance.

NEO is founded and led by Da Hongfei, a Chinese digital currency pioneer who is highly respected person in the crypto world as an expert in business adoption as well as regulations.

Moreover, NEO is designed in such a way it is compatible with various programming languages. Such as C++, C#, Python, Java, and Kotlin, showing a strong commitment to creating a user-friendly network.

Technical Analysis

Consistently NEO is in the top 25 and is commonly referred to as the “Chinese Ethereum”.

With an outstanding $6 USD in mid-2017 following a rebranding from AntShares to NEO, it made wonders for its price, NEO followed the rest of the journey in an upward direction, peaking around $196 USD in January 2018.

However, NEO was one of the worst performers in 2018. By loosing nearly 40 percent in early August, it came to $14.50 USD.

By the end of August, it recovered to just above $19.00 USD and the rest of the year has not been a positive time for NEO. After a short session in September to prices above $30.00, NEO tanked along with the rest of the cryptocurrency world in September and October 2018.

Bitcoin Cash hard fork built the NEO coin on Nov 5, 2018. It hit a low of $5.58 USD in December and has not shown much progress since.

As of March 05, 2019, NEO is at $8.35 and slowly recovering.

Specialist’s Perspective

For a long time, NEO has been a favorite of cryptocurrency experts for its ability to enable the reliable digital management of real-world assets. Also, experts appreciate the smart economy concept offered by NEO, which encourages consumer safety through regulatory compliance.

In Jan 2018 with a market cap of over $10 billion USD, NEO has struggled alongside the rest of cryptocurrency over the past year.

According to Smartereum forecasts for NEO , it has placed over $1,000 USD within five years. While anything is possible in the cryptocurrency world, this prediction seems less feasible than other, more realistic outcomes.

Investing PR predicts NEO coin price anywhere from $30 to $150 USD in the long term. Other concerns experts have talked about NEO’s continued success in China and internationally will most likely have an impact on its price in the future.

NEO Price Prediction 2019

With more decentralized apps and ICO’s considering to enter the NEO blockchain – combined with the introduction of NEO-based exchanges like NEX, which will make its value high and might lead it to $200 level, which will be the starting of a progressive era.

NEO Price Prediction 2020

NEO planning to get the Chinese government on board on the whole blockchain line and capture most of the Asian market by 2020.

It is working on its trading features and support cross chain trading in its exchange platform. Through NEO 3.0, Da Hongfei and Erik Zhang- NEO founders are making NEO the most developer-friendly. They are even coming with NeoFS, which will provide NEO with the ability to store massive amounts of data.

By the end of 2020, NEO might be one of the top 10 or rather 5 cryptocurrencies in the world.NEO is predicted to reach $274.8 by the end of 2020.

NEO Price Prediction 5 years

Five-year price predictions for NEO are great, with some experts  considering up to $450 for the price of NEO. when making long-term predictions of the NEO price, Several factors are considered before and after the instability of cryptocurrency markets

Till 2023,  it is expected NEO to be one of the most widely used cryptocurrency and might go as high as $437 USD.

According to NEO price prediction 2025, NEO might go high as $650, which will become one of the biggest achievements for NEO.

What do you think of our NEO price prediction for 2019? share wit us  your own predictions in the comments below!


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