How Miners Can Hedge Their Inventory to Increase Return on Investment

To a newcomer, crypto mining may sound deceptively easy — essentially, a way to switch on a machine, walk away and watch the lucrative crypto rewards roll in. But the reality isRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 10, 2020

Crypto Long & Short: 51% Attacks and Open-Source Value

Human ingenuity finds a way around limitations. Sometimes these limitations are obstacles in the way of progress, and creative thinking comes up with new paths. Sometimes these limitations are a lack ofRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 9, 2020

Bullish Bitcoin Price Trend Intact Even After BTC Retests $11.4K Support

 Bitcoin (BTC) price swiftly fell to $11,322 after reaching a daily high at $11,909 The drop came as U.S. jobless claims fell to $1.2 million but lawmakers inability to reach a dealRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 8, 2020

Bittrex and Poloniex Move for Summary Judgment in Market Manipulation Case

Attorneys representing cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex notified Judge Failla of the Southern District of New York Friday of their intention to move for summary judgment in a class action case thatRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 7, 2020

Ransomware Gang Steals 10TB of Pics and Data From Canon

Multinational corporation Canon reportedly fell victim to a ransomware attack launched by Maze group against its email and storage services and it’s U.S. website on July 30th. Maze has threatened to leakRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 6, 2020

Man Accused of Arranging Murder to Avoid Crypto Debt Can’t Escape Jail, Brazilian Court Rules

A Brazilian crypto businessman who allegedly arranged his former lawyer’s murder rather than pay the man a R$2.5 million ($471,965) bitcoin debt remains jailed after Brazil’s Supreme Court rejected his request forRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 5, 2020

Four-Year Anniversary of Bitfinex Hack, and $12M of Stolen BTC Moved

Someone with access to the 119,756 Bitcoin stolen from crypto exchange Bitfinex in 2016 moved $12 million to unknown wallets in the last six days. According to a series of tweets postedRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 4, 2020

NetWalker Ransomware Gang Is Storing $7M in Bitcoin in SegWit Cold Storage

NetWalker ransomware, which last week triggered cybersecurity flash warnings from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has extorted $25 million in bitcoin from its victims during the months of the pandemic, accordingRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 3, 2020

Five Years Since Launch, Is Ethereum Creating a New Boom?

The Ethereum network has just turned five years old. Although the project was first announced at the North American Bitcoin Conference in January 2014, its genesis block was only mined on JulyRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 2, 2020

Previewing the Economic Showdowns Coming This Fall

From the size of a second round of stimulus to COVID-19 litigation to reshoring, last week previewed some key issues for the months to come. On this week’s edition of The BreakdownRead More...
By : CryptoForEveryone | Aug 1, 2020
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