I’m pretty sure a lot of Exodus Wallet users don’t know about this so I’ve decided to do a quick and straight-to-the-point post on it.

Although Exodus is a Multi cryptocurrency wallet and has a great backup and restore system which takes care of your entire portfolio, each cryptocurrency you store on your exodus wallet has its own distinct public key (the address you use in receiving funds) and private key (a secret set of alphanumeric password/number that gives you total control of the wallet).

To view your private keys:

  1. Open the Developer Menu. If you are on macOS, the Developer menu is under Exodus (To the right of the Apple in the menu bar). If you are using Windows or Linux, it can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+D. (For new users this means holding the Control key with the Shift key at the same time and then pressing D – essentially you are pressing 3 keys at once.)
  2. Decide what cryptocurrency you want to view the private keys. In this example we are going to export the private keys for Bitcoin. These steps are the same for the other assets.
  3. Choose Developer > Assets > (Your Desired Asset)  > Export Private Keys
  4. Your private keys will be exported to a folder on your Desktop titled “exodus-exports

Important Note! You must understand that anyone who has access to your private keys also automatically has access to all the funds you have in that wallet, so you must be careful never to disclose your private keys to anyone. Also, never store your private keys on your computer or mobile device. Its best you write them down on a sheet of paper or store them in a flash drive away from your computer local drive, because if your computer gets hacked or infected by a virus you risk exposing your private keys to theft.

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