Chainalysis: 64% of Ransomware Attackers Launder Proceeds via Crypto Exchanges

United States-based blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis claims that 64% of ransomware attack cash-out strategies involve the laundering of funds via cryptocurrency exchanges. The data was revealed in a Chainalysis webinar attended byRead More…

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PayPal Aims to Prevent Crypto Ransomware Attacks With New Patent

Digital payments giant PayPal has won a cybersecurity patent to protect users from crypto ransomware, according to a document from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published on April 16.Read More…

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Ukranian Hacker Caught Infecting His Own Websites with Crypto Malware

According to the Ukranian cyber police, an unnamed man infected a bunch of his websites with Wannacry-like malware. Police Search Reveals Intentional Infection An unreliable Google translation makes it sound as ifRead More…

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