Broken Phone? Don’t Sweat It — Restore a Bitcoin Wallet in Minutes

With bitcoin ownership, it’s very important to back up your mnemonic seed phrase in order to restore your funds in case of an emergency. For instance, a device holding a wallet canRead More…

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Trezor Responds to Ledger Report on Vulnerabilities in Its Hardware Wallets

Prague-based crypto wallet manufacturer Trezor has responded to а report about hardware vulnerabilities from its competitor Ledger on Tuesday, March 12. Trezor claims that none of the weaknesses revealed by Ledger inRead More…

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Ledger Discloses Five Reported Vulnerabilities in Two Models of Trezor Hardware Wallets

Major hardware wallets manufacturer Ledger has unveiled vulnerabilities in its direct competitor Trezor’s devices, according to a report published on Monday, March. 11. As of press time, Trezor was not immediately availableRead More…

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