Interpol Enlists Korean Startup to Track Crypto on the Dark Web

The International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) has announced a partnership with South Korean data intelligence startup, S2W Lab, to analyze dark web activity, including cryptocurrency transactions. The startup announced the partnership onRead More…

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What an Uptick in ‘Coinjoins’ Says About Bitcoin’s Value Proposition

With the global economy reeling from the coronavirus crisis, bitcoiners are increasingly turning to crypto wallets with privacy features.   A masking feature called “coinjoin” batches transactions together so it’s harder to identifyRead More…

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Private Brave Browser Integrates Auto Wayback Machine Lookup

Brave, a major privacy-oriented rival of popular browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox, now automatically redirects users to check out archived versions of pages that were removed from the web. Starting fromRead More…

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How to Protect Bitcoin for Your Heirs With the Push of a ‘Dead Man’s Button’

What happens to your bitcoin after you die? This is more than just a philosophical question: It could involve a substantial amount of currency. The question of crypto and the Great BeyondRead More…

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Could a Digital Dollar Compete on Privacy? Fed Chairman Powell Hints It Might

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has given advocates of financial privacy a glimmer of hope – and hinted at how the U.S. might competitively position a future digitized dollar. In testimony beforeRead More…

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