3 Reasons Bitcoin Will Race Toward a New Record High at $20,000

The bitcoin price surged as much as 7.60-percent on Friday to establish a new 2019 peak at $5,796.93. The uptrend pushed bitcoin’s year-to-date rally to an impressive 54.08-percent. At the same time,Read More…

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Bitcoin Price: 3 Catalysts Fueling the Crypto Market’s Next Titanic Rally

Ignore that Tether-induced Bitcoin price sell-off. Why? Because Fundstrat Global Advisors’ Tom Lee says that crypto spring has sprung. Speaking with CNBC, the Bitcoin bull revealed that proprietary Fundstrat analysis indicates thatRead More…

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Survey Says Sell? Just 43% Believe ‘Golden Cross’ is Bullish for Bitcoin Price

Not everyone is convinced that Bitcoin’s highly-touted “golden cross” is a bullish signal for the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Almost 25% of Crypto Investors Believe Golden Cross is Bearish for Bitcoin According toRead More…

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Bitcoin Perma-Bull Tom Lee Believes Bitcoin Price Should Be $15,000-$20,000

Bitcoin perma-bull Tom Lee of Fundstrat tried to buttress his recent projection that the bitcoin price is due for a major rally soon. On March 17, Lee tweeted that the “tailwinds” thatRead More…

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