Businesses Increasingly See Crypto Mining Attacks in Cloud Infrastructures

Cryptocurrency mining is reportedly one of the most observed objectives of hackers attacking businesses’ cloud infrastructures, according to a report by AT&T Cybersecurity on March 14. The cybersecurity wing of United StatesRead More…

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Malta Appoints Cybersecurity Firm Ciphertrace to Monitor Crypto Transactions

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has appointed U.S. cybersecurity company Ciphertrace to help with compliance monitoring of crypto assets. Ciphertrace will be expected to keep track of transactions that pass throughRead More…

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Coinomi Wallet Addresses Vulnerability Concerns

Coinomi Wallet denied recent claims that its software sends wallet recovery seed phrases to Google’s remote spell checker servers in plain (unencrypted) text. The company refuted the claims in an official statementRead More…

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Bahrain’s Central Bank Issues New Cryptocurrency Regulation

The Central Bank of Bahrain has issued new cryptocurrency regulation, English-language local media TradeArabia reports on Feb. 25. Before, in December last year, the central bank had issued draft proposals to potentially regulateRead More…

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