QuadrigaCX’s Legal Representatives Create Affected Users Committee

A new committee appointed by law firms Miller Thomson and Cox & Palmer will provide guidance in representing affected clients of major Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. The development was announced in aRead More…

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Mt Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Found Not Guilty of Embezzlement

Mark Karpeles, CEO of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, has been sentenced by the Tokyo District Court. The court convicted him of record tampering but found him not guilty of embezzlement.Read More…

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Tel Aviv Court Gives Moshe Hogeg 30 Days to Settle $4M Lawsuit

Moshe Hogeg, the co-founder and chairman of venture capital investment fund Singulariteam, and the alleged head of Stox Technologies, has been given 30 days to settle with a Chinese investor. The disgruntledRead More…

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Bitcointopia Founder Admits Selling Government-Owned Land to Bitcoiners

The founder of a scheme called Bitcointopia to sell land in the U.S. state of Nevada to bitcoiners has admitted in a federal court that some land was not his to sell.Read More…

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QuadrigaCX Wallet Have Been Empty, Unused Since April 2018, Ernst and Young Finds

Big Four audit firm Ernst & Young (EY) released its “Third Report of the Monitor” in the creditor protection proceedings of Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX on March 1. Within the report, theRead More…

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US Court Denies Ex-Mt. Gox CEO Karpeles’ Motion to Stay Lawsuit Against Him

Former CEO of now-defunct Bitcoin (BTC) exchange Mt. Gox, was denied his motion to stay the United States lawsuit against him in light of rehabilitation proceedings in Japan, fintech news agency FinanceFeedsRead More…

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Supreme Court of India Puts 4-Week Deadline on Release of Crypto Regulation by Government

The Supreme Court of India has reportedly granted four weeks to Indian authorities to come up with cryptocurrency regulation policies, local news outlet Inc42 reports on Feb. 25. If the Indian governmentRead More…

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