Bitcoin, Not Blockchain: People Feverishly Search for World’s First Crypto

Around the world, the majority of searches related to cryptocurrency involve the word “Bitcoin,” a new report by ConsenSys concludes. Excepting a few Asian countries, most of the world wants to findRead More…

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20-Year-Old Cryptographic Puzzle Is Solved and Stamped in the Bitcoin Blockchain

A fiendishly tricky puzzle that has baffled cryptographers for two decades has been solved, and the proof preserved on the BTC and BCH blockchains. The feat, which was achieved 15 years earlierRead More…

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Crypto Custodians Foresee Growth in Partnerships with Traditional Custodians

Alexandre Kech, CEO of Onchain Custodian, predicted that collaboration between crypto and traditional custodians will grow.  Kech’s remarks came during a panel called “Custody: The New Global Competitive Landscape,” part of ConsensusRead More…

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