Bitcoin Dev Drops Withering Assault on Craig Wright’s Satoshi Claims

In a rare foray into editorial writing, Bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp has dismantled Craig Wright’s Satoshi claims, one by one. “How Many Wrongs Make a Wright?” should be bookmarked in the browserRead More…

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Bitcoin Mining: Key Stat Exposes Ridiculous Energy Consumption FUD

Antoine Le Calvez, a researcher for CoinMetrics, set out to determine how Bitcoin’s environmental impact compares to that of the auto industry. His striking conclusion? US vehicles consume roughly the same amountRead More…

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75% of Bitcoin Exchanges Report ‘Suspicious’ Crypto Trading Volumes: Research

A site called TheTie released a report today that estimates over 86% of all reported Bitcoin exchange volume is suspicious, while 75% of exchanges report extremely dubious volumes. The research uses aRead More…

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60% of Crypto Users are Still Scared to Make a Bitcoin Payment

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability is built on a key principle: for Bitcoin or other crypto assets to succeed, they must be as easy to use as possible. The protocol presents someRead More…

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Ethereum Trumps Bitcoin in Active Protocol Development: Research

Bitcoin might dominate the cryptocurrency market cap, but “digital gold” takes the silver podium when it comes to protocol development, according to crypto research firm Electric Capital. Researchers: Ethereum – Not BitcoinRead More…

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