IEOs Raise Half a Billion, Keep Fundraising Alive for Blockchain Startups

There’s a new fundraising sheriff in town in the maturing cryptocurrency space. While initial coin offerings (ICOs) were all the rage during the last bitcoin bull run, initial exchange offerings, or IEOs,Read More…

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Ethereum to Spend an Eye Popping $30 Million as Price Hits Its Stride

The Ethereum Foundation announced it is committing $30 million over 12 months as it continues to build Ethereum 2.0. The nonprofit is spreading the funds “on key projects across the ecosystem” withRead More…

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Microsoft To Build Decentralized Identity Network On Bitcoin Blockchain

Does Microsoft consider blockchain to be the strongest technology in the world? Who knows, but they sure seem to recognize its growing mainstream status and view it as a potential moneymaker. TheRead More…

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Huge! Amazon-Owned “Whole Foods” Now Accepting Bitcoin

There’s no shortage of possible catalysts behind the spike in the bitcoin price is. You can now add Jeff Bezos’ Amazon to the list. Whole Foods, which is owned by the e-commerceRead More…

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Tim Draper-Backed Email Paywall BitBounce Attracts 4 Million Users

Tim Draper appears to love anything that gives power back to the people. An eye-catching tweet on Saturday regarding email spam solution BitBounce is sure to generate a good deal of interestRead More…

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E-Trade One-Ups Rival, Readies Launch of Bitcoin Trading for Millions

E-Trade is about to offer bitcoin and ether trading, bolstering its securities platform for 5 million customers, a source familiar with the matter told Bloomberg Friday. The securities brokerage firm appears toRead More…

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Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons: Bitcoin Is Volatile but It’s Not Dead

Don’t believe the hype. Gene Simmons may promote many things, but he doesn’t go near anything unless he has an “emotional connection,” to it, he once told CNBC. Apparently, bitcoin is nearRead More…

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