Billionaire Bitcoin Mining Investor Frank Timis Paid Just $44 in Taxes

Billionaire bitcoin mining investor Frank Timis ranks among Romania’s wealthiest citizens and Britain’s richest residents. A blockbuster investigation into his personal finances reveals that, despite his life of staggering luxury, he paidRead More…

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Controversial Oil Tycoon Moves to Shake Up Argo Blockchain Board

Oil tycoon Frank Timis has been revealed as the biggest shareholder in Argo Blockchain, a crypto mining firm that listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) last summer. According to a Daily MailRead More…

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Rothschild-Linked Oil Tycoon Makes Waves in Bitcoin Mining Pool

A big shakeup at Argo Blockchain, the beleaguered bitcoin mining company that owns Argo Mining, has revealed that a Rothschild-linked London oil tycoon with a shadowy past just did the cannonball diveRead More…

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