According to Bloomberg, Mercado de Termino de Rosario, aka Rofex (the largest futures market in Argentina), has made known its plans to offer Bitcoin futures to its clients. This decision comes as a result of the country’s literal embrace of Bitcoin in every sector due to the massive inflation rise.

Rofex sees the huge futures potential in Argentina and quickly intends to capitalize on it. Although the process is currently in test stage, the company plans on making an announcement before the end of the year.

As stated by the head of the Rofex, Diego Fernandez:

“Although the approach to clients is “still in a laboratory stage,” with Blockchain services and others related to cryptocurrencies as possibilities, “our idea is to make an announcement before the end of the year.”

What does this mean for cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin?

Just recently, CME group (the world’s biggest exchange operator), made known its plans to offer bitcoin futures, and now Argentina’s biggest futures market following the same trend. These events are clear evidence that the world is embracing a new futures economy involving cryptocurrencies.

This has led to a resulting in an increased awareness and growth for Bitcoin, with its price rising over $7,500 yesterday.

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