Following the abortion of the Segwit2x fork, both bitcoin and B2x have collapsed, with B2X failing to materialize and Bitcoin dropping below $6,600 and showing signs that the down-slide might continue. These events, coupled with the anticipated Bitcoin Cash fork scheduled for 13th November (which will correct problems associated with the cryptocurrency’s Emergency Difficulty Adjustment algorithm) have led to BCH’s price surge as major businesses and personalities throw their support behind the BCH chain. Presently as of the time of this writing, BCH has soared past $870 and still going strong.

Source: coinmarketcap | Date: 10th Nov, 2017


Currency Market Capitalizations

Source: coinmarketcap | Date: 10th Nov, 2017


All Embrace Bitcoin Cash

With the SegWit2x ruckus starting to settle, focus has returned to the seemingly unmanageable transaction fees and bitcoin scaling problems. Owing to the inability to attain consensus for the bitcoin blockchain development, many have grown acrimonious and frustrated.

With bitcoin right now unsuited for little transactions because of excessive fees, different organizations and public personalities have communicated their inclination for a digital currency more suited to regular use. For a few, this has implied looking to the pool of altcoins, where cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Dash call-out. However, for those who want to remain with the bitcoin brand, bitcoin money looks progressively appealing.

A Team member of the Openbazaar tweeted:

Hearing lots of great things about @BitcoinCash $BCH today. Many developers and businesses seem better aligned with the vision now that 2x has failed.

The management of the P2P marketplace have every motivation to praise the ideals of bitcoin cash, having declared that they’ll be accepting BCH by virtue of its less expensive charges alongside zcash. As organizations have wrestled over what to do with bitcoin which is winding up progressively un-transactable, the BCH group have wasted no time in trying to win bitcoin deserters, stating:


BTC’s utility consistently declines as businesses and public personalities adopt BCH.

One public personality who has tossed his weight behind BCH is founder of Pirate Party and author of Swarmwise Rick Falkvinge, who pronounced:

“With recent developments, I’m putting all available dev resources to retool my software for #Bitcoin Cash. I suspect I’m far from alone.”

He later included:

“Indeed the markets will show what the economic majority wants. Today’s 1,000-point drop for #Bitcoin Legacy combined with a 24-hour 50% rise for Bitcoin Cash is one indicator, and the future will be interesting”

Even, in public service announcement stated:

“We trust that our fellow community members will also behave with integrity and uphold agreements made, but in the unlikely event that the 2MB block size increase portion of Segwit2x fails to activate, will immediately shift all company resources to supporting Bitcoin Cash exclusively”.

Who Emerges the Cryptocurrency King?

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature is both its most noteworthy quality and its most prominent shortcoming. More than 1,500 organizations are as of now accepting bitcoin cash, a humble figure, however one that is rising consistently.

The Bitcoin Cash has surged in the course of the most recent 24 hours, with volume surpassing $3.5 billion, 57% of which was exchanging against the Korean won. A significant part of the fevered enthusiasm for BCH will essentially have been market sentiment, energized by the developing agreement that the bitcoin chain is not well prepared to deal with developing volume.

It would be theoretical at this phase to suggest that BCH is preparing for its own particular variant of The Flippening, when Ethereum devotees believed their coin may really overwhelm bitcoin to end up plainly The One True Coin.

No doubt about it however, in the event that BCH’s most vigorous supporters succeed, bitcoin cash won’t just steal bitcoin’s market cap, it will likewise take its name.

That do you think, will Bitcoin Cash end up surpassing Bitcoin?

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